Thursday, March 22, 2007

BLOODSPORT - "Massmurder on every scale" demo (CD-R) Repel Records 1998

This is my first Repel Records posting, a small label and fanzine from the Ruhrpott area done by the second and notorious singer of Spawn and later True Blue (very much loved by the political correct ones.... hahahaha). He is currently doing Reaper Records. Anyway Repel was releasing some fine demos in the last century and I am starting with this one since I just pulled it out for a friend; all other demos I own will follow: True Blue, Damage i.d., Buried Alive and the great Iron Skull. I am still missing some stuff which is supposed to be on Repel: Despair live tape, a compilation tape called "return to heaven" and a Born From Pain demo. Maybe someone can help me out or will even contribute them here.

Back to Bloodsport: I think, they started with a drum computer like Rancor did, but added the former Invidia drummer soon (I have their demo tape but I am missing the cover; anyone?) to record this demo. Beside Invidia the band members used to be in Feeding The Fire (maybe the most famous red edge band beside Profound/ ManLiftingBanner), Backdraft, Rancor (I found a homepage... they are back together?!) and Invidia.
We played with them some gigs as a replacement for Brother' s Justice who got robbed and lost nearly all their equipment and merchandise on tour - that was together with Length Of Time. Bloodsport were what you might call a live band. I don' t know how their later album for GSR was, but the demo is just a bit behind their brutal live performance: what the audience was doing while watching Length Of Time was done by Bloodsport on stage before.

What I loved about Bloodsport around this time was that they orientated themselves way more towards the originally 8oies metal bands than most of the bands from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany were doing back then ( maybe besides Liar): less moshcore more metal. Just listen to "sauron". I really love the dry drum sound; not like all those overproduced things nowadays.

The demo was later rereleased as tape by Spill The Blood records (S.T.B. #05), which is the most known version and you might often find it in trade lists etc. This is the cover (I included the whole scan in the zip file):

As you might know: some members went on to play in Born From Pain. But this is a different story.

Again: please contact me concerning other Repel Records stuff and Invidia. Thanks!

Bloodsport - "Massmurder on every scale" demo (CD-R) Repel Records #?? 1998
1. shadowwar
2. sauron
3. iscarioth
4. with a passion
[OGG Vorbis, 256 K, password: antithesis]

Born From Pain homepage
Reaper Records


viva hate said...

Invidia cover scan coming today (evening, maybe).

Concerning Bloodsport: Wasn't this "less moshcore, more metal" thing typical for late 90ies Belgian HC? Like most of the H8000 stuff? I remember bandames like Spineless, Sektor, Deformity etc. But I never really listened to them, as they were too metal for me. Except Liar - I loved them, until I discovered their singer was pro death penalty and kinda right wing/conservative in general.

viva hate said...

Fuck, my Winamp doesn't play the files. It's not a general problem with ogg-files, as I don't have any trouble with your Uranus rip.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Concerning Winamp: what I never liked about it: you need plugins (a whole section on the winamp homepage) for everything; even the horrible media player seems more comfortable since using installed codecs etc.:

So for Ogg Vorbis you need an Ogg Vorbis plugin :/.


Install the direct show filters and everything' s fine. Also works with the latest Winamp now!

If you need a fine and powerful tool for sorting, tagging and even synchronising with your MP3 Player:

It even converts your files automatically if your MP3 player does not play other file extensions, downloads covers etc.

@rest of you who are less nice than Viva Hate: use

Hirsinger Youth said...

@Viva Hate (in Englisch, dann k├Ânnen alle mitlesen):

Yeah, I second that notion, but those bands that you mentioned except for the first two Liar albums are really bad concerning muscianship at least in my eyes - and lacked power. Even the Congress 7" and first album really lacked power although being a total 80ies thrash worship in aestethic etc.

Spineless really had this moshy da-da-boom-boom parts and their first single seems just to have two Slayer riffs over and over again (even Morning Again managed to do this less boring). Same goes for Deformity in my opinion.

I loved the Sektor MCD and their split 7"... I remember me writing a review that said "like Chain Of Strength on Slayer"; what I wanted to say: you just could here from the arrangements etc. that it was still some young hardcore punks (in love... hahahaha) who tried to play metal.

Concerning Liar: I think I remember this interview too... had some horrible statements concerning child molesters. Same goes for some statements by other band members about drug dealers, rastafrians etc. At least that would really be "metal"... hahahahahaha

xforeverwarx aka tom said...

iron skull demo up now plz manu!