Thursday, March 29, 2007

ABLAZE - self titled (7") Dropout Recordings #01 1996

Short lived band from Germany, supposed to be from the area where Upset were from. They did this 7" after their demo tape (also had some tracks on tape compilations ("Animal Peace" for example)) and then disappeared. I never saw them live or have any further informations.
This release doesn' t help either since there is no lyric sheet, contact informations etc. included. The 7" has a dire existence in every second hand record box all over the world, mostly for one buck. The dealers who do so have a point: it looks shitty, since the cover and back cover is totally grainy (looks like Paintbrush work with a very, very low resolution) and the 7" is brilliant in an absence of any production. The drums sound like a cassette tape recorder take in a rehearsal room, guitars sound tinny and just the screamed vocals stand out a bit. Really annoying, even the first version of the One Eyed God Prophecy 12" sounds much better. It' s a pity since this does no justice to the music: very much Uranus influenced emotional hardcore and a huge glance at the "Bremer School" especially Carol but also Assay etc.

This is all I found: a review in an old Heartattack. The writer seems to have the same opinion.

ABLAZE - self titled (7") Dropout Recordings #01 1996

side a:
1. living for the evolution
2. finally gone
3. intrusion

side b:
1. now I know, I can stand it
2. weep
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

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Matschy said...

I NEVER thought i'd find this one on da Internet!

Well, here are the (fun-) facts:

Ablaze were from Helmstedt and shared members with the bands Azure and Springhill.

Shortly after the recording of the Demotape, the guitarplayer (shown on the picture above) switched to the drums.

The recording of the 7" was accompanied by the band falling apart with only the drummer and the guitarplayer being left to finish the mess. This also included recording the vocals which were then pulled from the mastertapes of the demo.

Actually there was a lyricsheet with lyrics that were written after the 7" came out. Will see if i can find it.

Altogether the band played one show supporting Merel at their Show in Helmstedt.

Thinking about it there was one song that didn't make it on the 7". Unfortunately the o.g. Dat tape got errased and my own tape with the recordings got lost when i borrowed it to a friend who moved to another city and was never seen again.