Monday, March 26, 2007

REFLEX FROM PAIN - checkered future (Flexi 7") TPOS #30 1990

And Reflex From Pain again, this time with a demo from 1983 featuring Ray Cappo on the vocals. Not as great as their 7" but quite enjoyable especially when you concentrate on the voice and compare it with what was coming then. Reminds me a bit of Artificial Peace, especially the flipside.
Some songs here have been played by Violent Children and 76% Uncertain later - much better of course.

TPOS was really a great label concerning some stuff from the CT and east coast area, from the Far Cry 7”, the compilation tapes or the Violent Children tape; all worth getting near your ears. They even did some 8-track cartridges lately including Violent Children, Drop Dead, Antiseen, Charles Manson and of course 76% Uncertain - all with additional stuff which has never been released before. Sounds interesting!

Funny side note: the line up features nearly all people who recorded the first Shelter album!

REFLEX FROM PAIN – checkered future (7”) TPOS #30 1990

side a:
1. You’ re The Hate
2. Complacency
3. Bury My Pride
4. lind Faith
5. B.S. Straight Edge

side b:
1. Knife in my back
2. Roller Rink Stud
3. Peer Pressure
4. Someone’ s Waiting
5. The Scream
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

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