Thursday, March 29, 2007

INSTIGATORS - nobody listens anymore (LP) Bluurg #11 1985

Okay, I' ll stop posting shitty music for a short moment and switch to my favourite Instigators album (even one of the best Bluurg releases excluding all the CD rereleases of UK classics they are doing nowadays), their other stuff - especially later - is nice, but can' t keep up with those twelve inches. All those more melodic UK hardcore punk bands had something special I loved about them; just think of Sofahead, H.D.Q. (I am a huge fan), Shutdown, Leatherface or later Broccoli and so on.
"Wrong word", "Free" and "Nobody Listens Anymore" are quite hymns and any band with those bass guitar runs can lull me and what sets them apart is really some unspent ideas concerning songwriting combining good old UK punk, even some wave with mid-tempo US hardcore. The production is also great.
And: I was never bothered by those lyrics ranging from vegetarianism to problems of ageing; I wasn' t bothered by the lyrics of Ripcord, Generic or Satanic Malfunctions either. Although they all have a quite preachy undertone, I still think Crass for example were worse, but maybe it' s just personal sympathy.

So if I am going to sell all my punk records for more spiritual jazz: at least I am going to keep this one.

Sorry, but my Scanner cuts off a bit of the 12" covers and I am really to lazy to scan four times for just one cover compiling a panorama.

INSTIGATORS - nobody listens anymore (LP) Bluurg #11 1985

side a:
1. in one ear...
2. dine upon the dead
3. the fix
4. wrong word
5. free

side b:
1. nobody listens anymore
2. the blood is on your hands
3. old is sad
4. it' s got to be stopped
5. ... out the other
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

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alejandro said...

this record is really great...thanks for posting it...I want more!

Hirsinger Youth said...

I thought about doing the Peel Sessions and the LP on Flipside... so if this is a public demand: I'll go for it!

Anonymous said...

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