Monday, March 26, 2007

V/A - Bloodless Unreality (7") Forfeit Records #01 1992

There is this unwritten law that says you love or hate compilations and there is nothing in between. While sometimes I suck most of my friends always do: they hate compilations always asking why I own them. Poor bastards if "PEACE/WAR", "Nothing's Quiet On The Eastern Front", "Bullshit Detector", "Flex your head", "Recommended" or "No New York" did not change anything in your life, what was it? Yeah, "sex" and "books", caspar.

Fine thing about compilations: always something new to discover, songs by boring bands end after a few minutes and most of them are diverse and challenging.

So I ended up with my fat arses sitting on hundreds of compilations mainly 7”’s, tapes and lps.
Especially in the 90ies the 7” compilation seemed to be compulsory to found a label and so does “Bloodless Unreality” from Forfeit Records. Combining some of my favourites from the grind and crust genre: Destroy (I love everything by them) who later merge in Code 13, the incredible Hellnation with some early tracks, Confrontation (featuring members of Mindrot and later Dystopia) and of course the mighty Assück (sadly with otherwise released songs). The Raw Power cover done by Hellnation is quite nice since the voice sounds like famous early Raw Power live recordings (just listen to the BCT tape respectively the GTA cd), their own song is still a bit rudimental compared to their later stuff ("Fucked up mess" ist the "let there be rock" of fastcore). What happened to the voice of the Confrontation singer? The song is a different version than on their 2nd 7" and it sounds like he has been on tour for 2 months, smoked a pack cigarettes, screamed two hours and then started recording without any chamomille tea available. Both singles by them are okay, but this sounds horrible!
The compilation is trying to cover the issue of war with focus on the US. In my opinion more or less poorly achieved.

V/A - Bloodless Unreality (7") Forfeit Records #01 1992

Side a:
1. War without mercy
2. Vile horrendous aerial bombardment
3. Politicians (Raw Power)
4. Death Squads

Side b:

1. Insurgence
2. Procession
3. Blindspot
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Anonymous said...

do you have nothing quiet on the eastern front? ive been looking for that one.

thanks. great blog too!

Anonymous said...

Greetings. found ur blog with Va-Bloodless Unreality but no longer available. can u please upload this split again? thanks.

sapila said...

YES, please re up this!