Thursday, March 22, 2007


Original Birthright shirt from Catalyst records. One of the most well known 90ies vegan drugfree chugga chugga bands with former members of Jackhammer and Advance I think (both with singles and tapes on Initial and Catalyst). Especially in Germany the band name is misinterpreted due to the background of a vegan drugfree ideology.
I read on the Catalyst homepage once that Birthright wasn' t a full vegan straight edge band either since having constant line up changes etc. and not all members lived up to that; there were only a few bands with all members being vegan drugfree anyway.
Like most ot the vegan drugfree bands they just had few outputs or a few songs on many different records twice etc. (songs from the demos are on the 7", split 7" and MCD etc. and everything on a CD now). A constant phenomenom since many heroes of that area even just did one 7".

Birthright @ Catalyst
Birthright @ Myspace

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Strong Hearts said...

i realize i'm a year late on this, but thought i'd add something to the history: Birthright didn't start as a vegan straight edge band, just a straight edge band. by the time the 7" came out we had turned into an all vegan straight edge band, and remained that way until the band finally broke up.

of course i tihnk i'm the only member (out of many) that is still vegan and straight edge.

there is a discography out now with some video, flyers, photos, etc. included.

awesome blog!