Sunday, April 29, 2007

ZORN - heftig aufflammender unwille (7") Equality Records #08 1994

(regular cover)

(limited version with paintings)

You know it was coming: Zorn.

Please do not confuse them with the bad black metal band.

If I have to name the 10 best bands from this era among Acme, Age, Dawnbreed and Kurt I will throw in their name. Hailing from the area between Mannheim and Heidelberg those dudes from Baden-Wuerttemberg were polarising right from the beginning. Besides some grind and noise core bands (and ABC Diabolo) in Germany they were the first having black and death metal influenced layouts and lyrics. Labeled as "metal" by the hardcore in-crowd and later blacklisted and banned from clubs by p.c. dudes due to tour posters with a Pushead like artwork.

Their first vinyl release on Ludwigshafen based Equality Records (Profax, Stack, Abolition, Age, Malva, Hypocritical Society etc.) was a 100% progression after their demo tape but still a bit behind the split 7" and LP, like an unpolished rough diamond. Quite lovely when the undistorted guitars lead into the moshy part while the scraping, emo like German singing never sounds annoying.
The nice looking booklet - included in the .zip file - also has essays/ thoughts by friends of the band among them for example Marianne from Profax/ Sundowner/ Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records.

(live picture in the booklet)

Their drummer is doing finest robot music now: T.Raumschmiere and also the famous Shitkatapult label.

ZORN - heftig aufflammender unwille (7") Equality Records #08 1994

side a:
1. flucht
2. schwarzer frühling
3. hirnvergifter

side b:
1. mord an einer seele
2. messer
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

I will rerip this, since I took a sloppy copy I own with a more used vinyl.
Okay, did this one from a better copy again, seems like the pressing quality isn't that good; a 12" version - like planned - would have been fine.

demo (Tape) DIY 1993
heftig aufflammender unwille (7") Equality Records #08 1994
about 10 EP testpressings (12") Equality Records #08 1994
track on "Plot" compilation (LP) Plot #0/ X-Mist 1994
track on "andersen" compilation (7") Stigma Records #01 1995
split with Zelot (7") Spring Records #0? 1995
... denn alle lust will ewigkeit (LP) Maximum Voice Production #07 1996
unreleased demo (Tape) DIY 199?
The Men Of Hell aka Zorn - self titled (LP/CD) Maximum Voice Production #666 1998
Into the Pandemonium of Bunker Nimmerland (Tape) Antithesis 2000


Some people are also demanding a reunion by them or at least a nice discography CD:


alex said...

You really like the split better than this first 7". To me "heftig aufflammender unwille" is by far their best release...

And by the way: Marianne is now in a great band calles Mr Willis of Ohio - and surprise, surprise: they sound very 90s.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Yes, I do... I like the LP and 12" most! Maybe the 7" is their most "hardcore"-like release, but in my heart: my hair is long and my thoughts are black.

Just kidding.

I sold all Ape Must Not Kill Ape records except for Sundowner's 7" and split 7"; lucky bastard who took the Funeral Diner split for 5 bucks :). So I do not know anything about the newest stuff... there's also a new side project label... maybe I'll give it a chance.

Plot compilation will be up tonight.