Sunday, April 15, 2007

V/A – lacking mindset (7”) Spoonfed Records #02 circa 1993/1994

A compilation 7“ again: „lacking mindset“ on Spoonfed Records; they did a Deformed Conscience 7” with Scourge before. The compilation has some kind of anti-religion undertone at least all the lyrics by the bands fit into that category; I am not sure if this was intended. The songs by Struggle and Unbroken are already released on their records, the one by Unbroken is an earlier recording and the same version is on the “Salad Bowl Theory” compilation CD from 1996 on Fullified Records.
You just need this compilation for one song, which was also released on a LP later: Honeywell’s “mesh control”. a different, earlier and better version than on the LP capturing everything the band stood for: the definition of screamo as known today and where every fascistic1 band later failed.
I never figured out what the Groundwork song is, but then on the "discography" CD (which is incomplete anyway: first 7” for example is missing etc.) on Bloodlink it's listed as "worthless". A cover version? Shame on me!

I sold several copies cheap at Ebay the last two years, so it shouldn't be that rare and expensive.

V/A – lacking mindset (7”) Spoonfed Records #02 circa 1993/1994

side a:
1. the untitled
2. blanket

side b:
1. mesh control
2. untitled
[OGG Vorbis, 256K, password: antithesis]

1 some screamo bands really fit into this label concerning aesthetics and political equalization/ elimination of opposition. Wanna counter? Discuss with him.


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