Friday, April 13, 2007

V/A – Squirrel (7“) Level Records #05 1995

This is much better than the Hamster compilation and dedicated to Squirrels– the label called it “Commemorative Rodent Series”. Chisel and Frodus are really some faves of mine; they also never got the attention they deserved when they were around. "Out For Kicks" is a different version here, horrible bass drum sound. The Chisel albums were mixing every style of pop music and “set you free” is one of the pop albums in the last century – overlooked and forgotten, except for some Leo fanatics or Gern Blandsten lovers or whatever. Records to listen to to turn the radio off! Same goes for Frodus, dispatched as Fugazi rip off and later as Christian rock, but these labels have nothing in common with their great modern rock music.
The hardcore fraction gets a real killer track here: a collaboration of two bands who anticipated a new style and wave of bands. This is – as far as I know – the only track by Bloodlet and Damnation a.d. together, if anyone knows if those sickos have done more than this single track, then please tell me (just think of an album by this project; that’ s nice musing).

V/A – Squirrel (7“) Level Records #05 1995

side a:
1. Island Girls
2. Out For Kicks

side b:
1. 22-D10
2. Flesh of Another
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

Chisel @ Gern Blandsten

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