Saturday, April 28, 2007

BISYBACKSON/ HARRIET THE SPY - split (7") Donut Friends #35 1996

After the 10“ posting by Used Bin Forever! I got the urge to post the two early split 7”’s by Harriet The Spy, a band who showed how you can have a let’ s call it punk rock background but evolving from it, leaving it behind although still being trapped in its infrastructure (although I can hear some San Diego in these early songs by them). These might be the most "hardcore" songs by Harriet The Spy. They really made a huge step forward with the next split 7".
Donut Friends always had a nice diy packaging – see the Party Of Hellacopters stuff for example etc. – and this is no exception1. Bisybackson are more on the punky side, much Bay Area and Berekley2 like, but very thrashy, later !!! member by the way.

HARRIET THE SPY/ BISYBACKSON – split (7”) Donut Friends #35 1996

side a:
1. To-get-her
2. Hero

side b:
Harriet The Spy
1. Nopi
2. Excuse me, your legs are on fire
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

1 I just realized that someone stole my The Man I Fell In Love With single. Fuck you! I can’t count the numbers of records which vanished after for example members of bands slept at my apartment; hours before I did a gig for them, bought them food, handed out gas money and then giving the opportunity to sleep at my place it is still not good enough. Never again will emo core, hardcore and punk heroes stay at my home, because you all behaved like shit, and your lyrics meant shit and next time I call the police like some Frankfurter did.

2 "Punk Rock Wonderland"


viva hate said...

Ah, die "Unfuckwithable" gehört zu meinen all time favs. Und diese Split hier hatte ich noch nicht. Merci beaucoup!

Hirsinger Youth said...

Cool, dass die Dir gefallen, dachte immer der Zwölfer von denen läuft bei den meisten unter "ferner liefen" oder so!