Sunday, April 29, 2007

ROSWELL PROJECT - self titled (7") Nothing Left Records #03 1996

Here is another San Diego based band which most of you might remember from their 7" (and compilation track) on Pushead's Bacteria Sour label which has one of the best layouts he has ever done (here are some variations: 1 & 2). This less known 7" features two songs which are not released otherwise (the flip side is on the Bacteria Sour 7") and the packaging is also very nice: fold out cover, sticker and a photograph etc.
The second song reminds me a bit of One Eyed God Prophecy but altogether it sounds like where they are from: screamed, varied San Diego emo hardcore.

By the way: if anyone knows what Nothing Left Records released besides the Stickfigure Carousel 7" and this one and what the members from Roswell Project did afterwards or before please tell me!

ROSWELL PROJECT - self titled (7") Nothing Left Records #03 1996

side a:
1. reoccuring dream
2. rule with a plastic fist

side b:
1. more than a hero less than human
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Andrew said...

Hey -

Why I am I getting a 'binary' file, rather than a zip file on some of these downloads?


a grateful, grateful reader


Hirsinger Youth said...

Most be a sendspace error, since the file title is right on the download page... just rename it with ".zip" at the end, but I am uploading it again. Maybe the file name is too long?

Hirsinger Youth said...

okay, file names are too long, you can rename it or wait until I' ve uploaded it again!

Hirsinger Youth said...

Try again now!

Michael said...

So strange that I should come across this. I used to run Nothing Left Records and Fanzine. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

Dave said...

hey this is dave from roswell project..... i was in the following bands after the RP

The Heartbreak Kids - we put out the "Thriller" Demo
Ka-Tet - "No offence to the dead" 10 inch on redwood records
Henotic - we put out "self titled" cd, "Sundays Angel" cd
Bleed the Sky -