Saturday, April 28, 2007

Videos @ the Rapid City Punk Archive

(Single File Line, RC Archive)

I don' t know if you already knew this homepage, but they have some fine stuff up for years now, like all the unreleased Via stuff (maybe you remember them from the XXX compilation on Ebullition; they were supposed to be on AmpRep but it sadly never happened) and all other RC bands (Element, Dissent, Single File Line, State Of The Union, Straight From The Heart etc.) or some live shows from Angel Hair, Threadbare, Slant 6 and Jawbreaker. Also make sure that you check out the photo section (Detestation, Downcast, Rorschach, Demise, Insted etc.).

But my main intend for this postings: videos by Threadbare, Still Life, Current, Assfactor 4, Chino Horde, Current, Evergreen, Farside, Jawbox, N.O.U., Single File Line, Rorschach, Universal Order Of Armageddon, Up Front, Via and and and. That' s the who is who of the 90ies.


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