Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SPLINTER – scathed (7”) Stormstrike #06 1995

Here is Splinter’ s 7” on Jojo’ s Stormstrike label (took me quite a while since my first Stormstrike posting). Together with the Mayday 10” it is the most beautiful release on the label. Full colour glossy cover and like the Ironside 7” totally black inside with a folded side bar of the precious cover, all with a very morbid temper. That’ s how Holy Terror/ Clevo records should look like and this 7” should be the measure for other releases concerning this style1. Both songs are a real progression to all their previous stuff and some nice Holy Terror hymns. Even the spelling style of the lyrics is better here. Enjoy and get it!

SPLINTER – scathed (7”) Stormstrike #06 1995

Side a:
1.oneiros suture

Side b:
1. one thousand words
[OGG Vorbis, 256 K]

As bonus a compilation (get it for 2 or 3 bucks @ Amazon) track by Splinter:

V/A - Dark Empire Strikes Back (CD) Dark Empire Records 1994

1. PM 1893 2TL
[MP3, 192k]


1 from Integrity to Pale Creation, Starkweather or even Rise And Fall: they all do a good job concerning their artwork.

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Please re-up the Splinter 7's? Please?