Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DON MARTIN 3 - self titled (12") Belladonna/ Kurt & Jason #01 circa 1996

I recently saw that this 12" goes for around 70 bucks1(honestly - as a German adage says -: who shit in your heads, kids?), so I thought I post it. The emo shopping is a crazy thing, already about two years after the record came out (it was already overlooked when it came out), you could find it in every sales list of mail orders worldwide. I got my copy for around 2,50 or 3 bucks (5 or 6 Deutsch Mark back then) from Green Hell, who had this 12" for sale for around 6 years and no one was interested. Same goes for the compilation 7" which goes for 18 Euros now; crazy kids.
Anyway this Florida based band - named after famous MAD2 cartoonist - presented us one of the best twelve inches in this genre of the 90ies all in a very spartan packaging with a mispressed vinyl!! I don' t know if you can here all the flaws and cracks, but that' s not from ripping or converting, that' s how the record sounds - like intended scratches and skips. Maybe someone can tell me more about this.
Don Martin 3 were very, very much - again - influenced by Moss Icon, at least that' s my strong opinion but they did well without being a copy like... no names here (emos are huffy freaks). Although that might sound a bit pathetic: I like the poetic lyrics here very much.

Members of Don Martin 3 are now in Wilderness and they added a lot of British Wave, No Wave and guitar pop of the 80ies to their sound; I like it and recently ordered the records - and will tell you when they arrive.

By the way: I never heard their 7", so maybe someone of you downloading fruits wants to contribute it to this blog.3

Ah, okay... as bonus the compilation 7" together with Hope Springs Eternal and Moonraker although nice guys finish last.

DON MARTIN 3 - self titled (12") Belladonna/ Kurt & Jason #01 circa 1996

side a:
1. untitled
2. untitled
3. untitled

side b:
1. untitled
[MP3, 256k, password: pocket money]

V/A - "three way split" (7") Belladonna/ Kurt & Jason 1995

side a:
1. white christmas
Hope Springs Eternal
2. drone

side b:
Don Martin 3
1. transistor
[MP3, 256k, password: pocket money]

Fuck, this 7" is one of the best things from 1995 ever. I thought this might be funny:

The inlet scans overkill.


Geocities homepage dedicated to them
Used to be the Belladonna homepage

1 Dear parents, please cut the pocket money for your children and send them to music school instead or buy a Strata-East record for them.

2 you gumbos!

3 Statcounter states that most of you stay here for about 4 minutes, then clicking on the download link and leaving. I hate you, autists.


b. brown said...

Whoa! I'm starting to think we share the same collection. I got the DM3 one, gosh, forever ago. It's been a while since I've listened to it. That "Fire as a metaphor" thing is rushing back.

Regarding the split with Moonraker and Hope Springs Eternal, that is BY FAR the best Moonraker track and I feel like such an asshole for selling my copy. THANK YOU for reuniting me with that song!!!!

Hirsinger Youth said...

Same goes for Used bin forever! From Halfman to Salvo Rain... this stuff still gives me the creeps in a very positive way.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Concerning the compilation 7": I also think that this is the best Moonraker song followed by the track on the "Bread" compilation on No Idea. "Transistor" by Don Martin 3 could also be some kind of dictionary entry for emo :).

Hirsinger Youth said...

By the way: the flier in the Don Martin 3 12" states a big fuck off to Rye Coalition concerning their behaviour on their European tour ("the fat Elvis of hardcore"). Kids, I love Rye Coalition for being the fat Elvis of hardcore!!! Who cares about hardcore anyway when this band ROCKS!

sapila said...

i bought the dm3 7'' for 25 euros..
fucking amazing record.

Hirsinger Youth said...

And you already got it... it was sold for this price this weekend at I think.

sapila said...

here is it:

rgratzer said...

darn it for getting to this too late. Would you be willing to email these records to me? master.cob at gmail.

I remember seeing these around, but wasn't with it enough to pick them up. I'm fairly certain I had some of the DM3 songs on a mixtape a friend made me. But it's something that I've been trying to figure out for years, and so I'd like to hear these.

And I'm starting to put up some stuff on my blog. Check it out, if you want.

FRESH BEN said...

White Christmas is one of the best songs written by humans ever.