Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SPLINTER – s/t (7”) Smorgasbord Records #07 1992

I just need this posting for my next one! This is Splinter’ s 7” on Smorgasboard. The Flex! review says that they sound like Rorschach and Born Against, but I do not think so. They sound exactly like where they came from: Ohio. This 7” reminds me - even lyric wise - very much of early Integrity and Force Of Habit/Ringworm - not a high flyer but very solid. I never got the chance to listen to their demo tape or even the LP on Tenacity/ Desolate records, but I’ ve been told that they are quite similar to this 7”. Smorgasbord is not very popular concerning their layouts but this one might be one of the worst 7” covers in the world.

SPLINTER – s/t (7”) Smorgasbord Records #07 1992

side a:
1. 225
2. barbed wire

side b:
1. denial
2. maternal instinct
[OGG Vorbis, 256 K]

Interview with the former singer

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