Thursday, April 12, 2007

ZENI GEVA & X-RATED-X - split (7'') Erase-Yer-Head #01 & Pandemonium #05 1995

Again Zeni Geva, again in a comic context and still my favourite Japanese back breakers from the nineties. My first contact with them was live and it was incredible: entered the stage, stated “Zeni Geva. Japan” and then destroyed the youth club.
Back to the 7” which was the first part of a series dedicated to David Lynch’s Eraserhead and comics/art by the French Pandemonium label (later parts had for example Cows or – for subscribers - even Guapo).
Zeni Geva’s song here is a bit weaker than their previous stuff since 1987 and I was quite disappointed back then as far as I can remember, especially when you think of the stuff on AT. I like X-Rated-X a bit more here: one of the best bands out of France back then playing noise rock and adding the modern industrial sound with a drum computer or at least one of the bands who presented it with dignity1. “The French Godflesh” said a friend of mine, but in my eyes they were less “metal” – do me a favour and get their album on Pandemonium. Sadly this is also their last recording but also their best.

I really love 7”’s with fold out covers!

ZENI GEVA/ X-RATED-X – Erase-yer-head Single Club (7”) Erase-Yer-Head #01 & Pandemonium Records #05 1995

side a:
Zeni Geva
1. hate trader

side b:
1. dog eat dog
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: eraserhead, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Pandemonium & Erase-Yer-Head

1 Industrial was a four-letter word for me around that time: metal heads doing shitty music while I expected something like Throbbing Gristle, SPK and early Laibach. Industrial was dead in the 90ies, dudes. Period. And it’s even more today, except for some originators who are still around.

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