Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PROZAC MEMORY - chisel tone/ mapmaker (7") Faye Records #F04-12 1994

First of all: I hope the rip sounds fine. I had some problems with background noise and even muffled radio sounds due to a cheap RCA connector in the past and bought a new needle for the record player. I also hope the volume is alright, I stopped using the normalization! Otherwise drop me a line.

I will leave the password from now on (or as a start) and the Winrar-file includes all scans (for the future: maybe assembled in a PDF document).
Way better than their first 7" as far as I can remember - since I can't find it anymore. But I think it already had those great bass lines but the singing was weaker. If you can provide a good rip and scans of the 7" and you want to upload it for the blog: please contact me.
Anyway their second 7" is great. I stumbled across them through the XXX compilation by Ebullition (worth a posting? Maybe the unreleased Via stuff is, for which we all were hunting in the Audiogalaxy days!).
They really learned their Verminscum etc. lesson well. "Chisel tone" is topnotch: I was listening to the song about 30 times in the last few days. The bass is just brilliant.
I do not know anything about them, but their drummer was in Wintergreen later and sadly I haven't heard the Breaker Morant split album yet.

side a:
1. chisel tone

side b:
1. mapmaker
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]

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