Thursday, January 10, 2013

BAND OF MERCY - "Vulgar Display of Vegan Power" Pantera rip-off shirt


Back to the present although they pause at the moment. Band of Mercy also have a Carnivore rip-off shirt but this "Vulgar Display of Power" homage is still the winner.

For the first releases Band of Mercy was mainly a duo with Daniel from Die Young being the driving force. They deliver a mixture of Portland and fast Swedish d-beat combined with where Die Young left off.  Besides being quite dead serious concerning veganism they add a lot of humour and side blows which is quite rare - even today. Their demos are available as free downloads via Headfirst! I might post them in the future including all artwork.

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whore said...

fuck it, just stumbled upon your blog via Reflex from Pain post. sheer awesomeness. keep it up!!!