Tuesday, January 08, 2013

No goodbyes cruel world? Hello 2013!!!

Of course I prefer Brutal Truth over Pink Floyd. Because we all do not listen to Pink Floyd after "Animals".

I am going to start slow again. The worldwide web 2.0 changes made it hard for music blogs in 2012. Many blogs I followed do not exist anymore or the writers simply stopped mainly due to the one-click hosters deleting their files. Mediafire deleted many of my files again due to a complaint by a porn company - some band's name sounded like some porn title - I already forgot. Although I can't remember myself posting Youth Of Today's "standing hard" - nah, that was a groaner.

2012 was quite nice:

- fourth year in a row: Sacred Bones (man, you have to slow down a bit!)
- Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music
- Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City
- Mississippi Records doing a rerelease of Gurdjieff's Improvisations
- Thanks to A389, Halo Of Flies, Vendetta, Headfirst!, Vitriol, Gilead and many others I followed hardcore punk a bit again! And it wasn't such a waste of time!
- Stefan and Robert somehow forced me to some shows after 2 years of almost absence  - me standing in the first row with rose dress shirts feeling old and watching Throwers, Tempest, Kids of Zoo, Full of Hell and many others. It was great.
- Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island vinyl repress!!!!
- Thrill Jockey 20 years vinyl represses
- Full of Hell... they are young, they will improve, they will get tighter!!! I became a diehard follower. Not reinventing the wheel but they have all my sympathies. When I was 17, 18 this was everything making punk interesting: teenage angst, anger, humor, shyness, speed, autistic traits, high and low culture references and finally: bookworms scarring the audience again! Jeez, even the right shirts! For some parents a nightmare but I must admit: those four boys are a pipe dream as a desire for children!!!
- Besides to many fillers: the new Chromatics double LP is a great postdisco whatever pop album.
- Tor Lundvall - the shipyard LP (although I still do not get DAIS pressing quantities)
- the Torch Runner 12" still makes me wanna go out and kill tonight!!!
- the "US black metal we came from a hardcore punk diy background saga" continues with Ash Borer, Velnias, Barghest/False, a vinyl rerelease of the Skagos album etc.
- And of course: Band of Mercy! Because veganism really needed some past 30 guys with at least a bit sense of humour!!!

I could go on for hours.

Hope you all still hate your job like I do!


Flo said...

How dare you not mentioning the great GORILLA BISCUITS show in Kreuzberg on May 1st 2012?

Hirsinger Youth said...

Happy new year! I apologise, I didn't want to evoke a tempest in a teacup. Talking of which it reminds me of some Postdamned band which luckily released their album in autumn 2011 otherwise I would have written something about the front cover while keeping the layout of the Sedition/ Pink Turds In Space split and Scatha's first LP in mind.