Thursday, January 10, 2013

BACK OF DAVE - Glory of... (Picture 7") Thick Records #THK-012 1995

A careful reader refered to a blog, where both demo tape versions and the first 7" including the tape version with an additional song can be found (thanks!):

BACK OF DAVE - 1993 demo / two versions
BACK OF DAVE - Dirty Boy 7" plus the bonus song from the tape version
BACK OF DAVE - a live set which is not online anymore

Thick Records had a picture 7" series for a while, I think they stopped around 2000. The most well known release of those singles might be the At The Drive In/ Burning Airlines split. The label's best release to this date is The Bomb's "Indecision" which was later released on vinyl by No Idea!

Honestly I do not like picture discs, most of them sound shitty, no discussion: the layer above the picture is thinner, it's like a flexi glued to plastic and we all know how flexis sound (okay, does not count for Ripcord's "The Damage Is Done" - I didn't care about the sound). And many of them look like shit (people who bought Lana Del Rey's "Video Games/ Blue Jeans" picture 7" might skip this part)!
Advice for record labels and bands: if you are ever going to make a picture disc or worse combining it with shape, make sure you use the format wisely!!! Metal labels, hardcore bands, pop monsters etc. they all had a right touch for ugly picture discs. One might ask: you actually play your picture discs? Yeah, since most of them look ugly what's the use other than playing those records? I used to be a bit ambivalent towards The Stalin's Mushi LP, but man, that changed fast.

Here is a nice little chamber of horrors worth to check out:

Terry's Picture Discs

If you post on forums or Tumblr you might start a best of!

Okay, back to the posting, back to Back of Dave. I think their picture disc was the first in the series by Thick Records. It looks nice which is not the band's or the label's credit but Van Gogh's and da Vinci's. But while they got better technically their sound got a bit too hail-fellow-well-met in my opinion. It was the heydays of bands moving towards the popular radio rock. Initial Records, Doghouse, Jade Tree, Revelation, Caulfield Records and so on and their roster paved the path. Do not get me wrong: I dug all that stuff! I have all the records, but still: something was missing. I think "hail-fellow-well-met" is what describes it best, I do not want to claim that for Back of Dave of course, but I do for that period of time and the direction many bands were going (for some: boring rock music).

Scanner has been cleaned/repaired (although I broke some plastic parts while doing so it still works! Planned obsolescence my ass) and I started tagging the files properly.

BACK OF DAVE - Glory of... (Picture 7") Thick Records #THK-012 1995

side a:
1. Glory of...
2.  Pick Up Atredes

side b:
1. Springloaded
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]


Anonymous said...

Concerning the Back of Dave live show -- I am the owner of the "Some Things Can't Be Ignored" blog. I was actually not aware that the link wasn't working. Thanks for posting this so I can get it fixed!! Should be up and ready for download here VERY soon!!

Anthony Bollero said...

Hey! Here's an old Back of Dave show I just posted on my music blog!

Anthony Bollero said...

Hey! I just posted an old Back of Dave show on my music blog. Go check it out here!!