Monday, November 17, 2008

NITWITS - great day! (7") Monitor Records #01 1994

Maybe I was too harsh concerning my Recess Records statement, since I love a lot of stuff by them (even posted it), but something by the Nitwits still captivates me. I think it's the sympathetic presumptuousness of playing this strumming punk (we Krauts call it "Schrammelpunk"). A huge middlefinger towards musical finesse - not that this concept is the biggest statement in 1994, but this nonchalant amusement meant a lot to me1.

They even deconstruct mercilessly Johnny Mercer and Rube Blooms' "Fools Rush in"2 - and I think they even intended not to do so.

Please do not confuse those Cali boys with the European Nitwits - two bands with the same name (including an "the") are known too me and both play boring punk rock. And please do not confuse those with the dutch The Nitwitz (I just know their quite nice, early but somehow way to average stuff - never heard the 90ies reunion stuff).

While comparable bands like F.Y.P. etc still exist and got a lot of fame I found nothing on Nitwits on the world wide web so this posting makes sense in preventing this record for being lost. I wonder what they were doing afterwards (I just hope they didn't improve concerning instruments and songwriting because it ruins bands like this one - I am dead serious).

NITWITS - great day! (7") Monitor Records #01 1994

side a:
1. Catalyst
2. Ankrumb
3. Mad Ratts

side b:
1. Killjoy
2. Only Fools Rush in [Johnny Mercer/Rube Bloom]
[OGG Vorbis, maximum quality, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

1 it doesn't nowadays since Youtube and Myspace offers millions of Überzeugungstäter to share their inabilities. Please do not call this Zeitgeist or I'll slap your ass.

2 Nelson's version was better than the one by Elvis!


theodore said...

thanks for posting the nitwits! i always loved this 7", and only had the split with mohinder copied on a cassette. glad to finally have them all digitally. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

a great day of recording at house of faith. recorded the same day as the split. thanks for posting.