Monday, November 17, 2008

DISMAY - in doubt (CD) We Bite #121 1995

This was a real blast to me. Dismay's album on We Bite Records - a European label is the last thing you will do to become more known (although their stuff was distributed by Victory back then (before the big clash)) - has a better production and the new songs (all songs from the demo are on this cd too) add a lot more diversity to the previous stuff. Adding Quicksand to the huge Burn influence. The songwriting is elaborate not just a sequence of riffs and parts, just the guitar solos are sometimes annoying.

If you dig Quicksand, Burn, Fahrenheit 451, Orange 9mm, 454 Big Block (with members of Wrecking Crew), Only Living Witness or newer - so called "modern hardcore"? - bands like Soul Control or I Rise you have to love "In Doubt". You can get this cd for cheap at Ebay, Amazon etc. and it was also released as cassette in the States.

In my opinion it's better than Burn's reunion 12". By the way the producer of the recording is later doing stuff by Snapcase or Boy Sets Fire's "After the Eulogy".

DISMAY - in doubt (CD) We Bite #121 1995

1. catch 22
2. waiting
3. untitled
4. death of a planet
5. uncivilization
6. king for a day
7. madness
8. overseer
9. in doubt
10. onlooker
11. grasshopper
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