Saturday, January 20, 2007

RITES OF SPRING shirt & 'mike fellows is dead' demo 1984

This was licensed by the band and features the artwork of the brilliant LP. As far as I know just 50 were made by Adagio830 and I am still asking myself: why is it so hard for all the other shirt bootleggers to write - in days of modern communication - an e-mail or to pick up the phone and call some original member, label whatever and ask if you can print some shirts. Who - within the smaller let' s call it d.i.y. based music "scene" - will say no if someone prints a shirt of a band in which you played nearly 20 years ago and that still touches kids' hearts or supports their moment of youth and hopefully involve the appropriate rebellion within this moment?
In all those years all people who have been asked by friends of mine who wanted to do shirts, patches or - in my case - live tapes with soundboard recordings by bands, they love or are/ were important to them, always gave their permission to do so. In the majority of the cases the former artists didn' t even want free copies or money (which would be normal anyway) and filed it under "network of friends". It is also funny that those category groups of "alternative" music which mostly domicile loose thinking of capitalism anyway are those with the biggest shirt bootlegging businesses; I am thinking of anarcho, peace and crust punk, grind- and noisecore or the whole emo genre. If capitalism is a real pain in the ass then definitely for someone who is printing Amebix shirts 12 hours a day to make a living... hahahahaha.

Back to Rites Of Spring. One of the greatest bands ever. They started an era and they partly ended it. The rest is history. I also uploaded their demo tape which was provided by my friend Alex. Thanks a lot! Although these are the same songs you' ll find on the record they have all those intros mentioned in the Dance Of Days book. Have fun!

RITES OF SPRING - 'mike fellows is dead' demo (Tape) d.i.y. 1984
1. end on end
2. remainder
3. persistent vision
4. hain' s point
5. all there is
6. by design

[MP3, 320 K, password: antithesis]


Rolf said...

Hammer! Vielen Dank für das Tape!

Hirsinger Youth said...

Yo, bedank Dich beim Drink Positive :).