Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back with a... uhm not a bang but at least back!!!

First of all: after a hell lot of e-mails from all around the world, this blog is in English from now on. It is not my first language, so if you are looking for eloquence go read a book before Harry Rowohlt is going to translate it. Okay, just kidding: please write me concerning grammar mistakes, expressions etc. Hopefully I will take extension courses in English and French this year at university! Okay, cut that self hating Kraut stuff now.

Second: sorry, that it took so long for new postings, but I had to deal with the typical shit life has to offer. But that' s definitely my business.

Currently listening to Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson' s "Winter in America" LP released 1973 on of my favourite record label ever: Strata East Records. It is a pity that some of their records are not available nowadays. Just think of all those fine spiritual jazz stuff like The Ensemble Al-Salaam (currently sold for about 80 bucks at Ebay)! Back to "Winter in America": there is a repress on Rumal-Gia Records at the end of the 90ies. If you see it or the CD version with additional songs: Take it!

What the fuck I am writing here?

By the way: Fuck this guy.

Found this some minutes ago:

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