Sunday, January 21, 2007


Switzerland' s Mister Universe Manni introduced Defiance to me after I missed the actuality that members of Resist - hell yeah, I loved that lp - and Deprived had started a new band. This band is really really great until the "no time left" e.p.. After touring and line-up changes the band lacked more and more power; and so does the second lp and the stuff afterwards. Their "no future no hope" lp is the perfect blend of the old crust influences and UK stuff like Chelsea, Chaos UK, Angelic Upstarts & Abrasive Wheels. The driven guitar parts, bass runs, a lot of chorus singing and those simple, but strong lyrics made this one of the best punk albums in the 90ies for me and accompanied me through a lot of shit.
Defiance got criticized for being on Punk Core now since Punk Core was supposed to distribute stuff like Ultima Thule; there are also rumors about their remaining Skuld stuff being destroyed due to that. Maybe you' ll tell me.

This shirt is based on the cover of the "burn" e.p. which was released on Consensus Reality in 1995.


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Flobreaker said...

The thing with Punkcore: they do have a mailorder that at least occasionally also featured right-wing stuff like ULTIMA THULE. The issue got discussed in several issues of the "Plastic Bomb" magazine including several attempts to bring Punkcore away from distributing stuff from bands whose followers would rather beat punks up instead of anything else - without success.

When it became known that DEFIANCE signed to Punkcore, Kleister from Skuld wrote in "Plastic Bomb" that he would destroy now the remaining DEFIANCE records that he had put out once.