Monday, January 09, 2017

DAMNATION - The Hangman (7") Lost & Found Records #LF 090 1994

Speaking of a hanged man. Here is Damnation's first 7" - still kills today. In my opinion they should have kept the lofi industrial touch while running Damnation ad as band too - Damnation was a two man studio project prior becoming a real band. Although the later fulllength is da bomb, the harshness, tinny industrial sound and coldness are not caught with the monstrous production and wall of sound. On the Lost & Found compilations several early versions of later classics can be found while Ken and Mike were acting as duo first. So if there are more recordings in this vein please make them available.
And of course: this vinyl record has a direct metal mastering! It's funny that this label put so much effort in good sounding vinyl records. Something hundreds of metal and hardcore label are not doing nowadays - many records do not even get a vinyl mastering today (a frustrating experience as listener). Layout contrary to the sound as always: topnotch L&F style. Dit is "Artcore", Alter.

DAMNATION - The Hangman (7") Lost & Found Records #LF 090 1994

side a:
A1 The Hangman
side b:
B1 Sleep
[MP3 320k, link1, link2, link3]

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Anonymous said...

My copy of "You deserve even worse" (the LF-Comp with the Pantera-Cover) is MIA - I might have binned it a long time ago. I also had "And the fun just never ends" and "In crust we trust" - only the latter ist still here.

However, "You deserve even worse" might be Damnation's first release, a song called "on a pale horse". IIRC it was a) quite good and b) in the industrial vein you have described.