Sunday, January 02, 2011

FUGAZI live recordings mp3 archive (Double CD-R) Bootleg 200?

About nine years ago Alex gave me those MP3 CD-Rs. It was a dawn of a new era (remember Audiogalaxy?) and personally a hard one: I was and still I am a diehard tape trader. While most of my friends and trading partners went digital I still was into the old way. Not because of a new medium but mainly because of the huge amount of music coming into my house and the loss of one thing: communication and the time to deal with music itself. While I was still able to make it through a shoe box full of tape dubs by my friend Steff until today I was not able to go through all the MP3 CDs he burned me. A decade later I also think that many efforts made in the early years of going digital were for no purpose: although many MP3s have a better sound quality than tapes the early stuff is poorly ripped. Some days ago I made it through old MP3 CDs with audio books of some of my favourite philosophers and authors and I couldn't stand it: the files are cracking, there's clunk and constant background noise. They went to the garbage can and I pulled out old tape dubs of Luhmann and Bloch for enjoyment. What I miss most is the communication: a lettre and a parcel is not only haptic but also takes more time and effort and will also be appraised more. Blogging and an e-mail with ten download links do not really touch me - you can burn me DVD-Rs with free jazz and cosmic muzak but I will still attach more importance to a crust punk demo tape with xerox copied cover some 16 year old kid from overseas sends me. Yeah, let the old fart prattle.

Howsoever here are two CD-Rs with one of our favourite bands - some of the stuff is not available through the Fugazi Live Series which justifies the posting in my opinion. It took me three computers and four drives to get the files onto my hard drive without CRC errors. I am not sure if this was just a compatibility problem of operating systems that are ten years older or if the CD-Rs are dissolving like many of them do. The sound quality varies a lot and the bitrates are low but I think you will have some pleasure with the stuff.

My Beatles tapes are still running without any problems in a 20 year old Sony tape deck, fuckers!

FUGAZI live recordings mp3 archive (Double CD-R) Bootleg 200? CD-R 1, CD-R 2

CD-R 1, CD-R 2

17 live recordings at
Fugazi Live Series


packfill said...

9 years? really? old farts indeed I guess.

packfill said...

To add something more profound: This collection was put together by some guy from Belgium. He did a Fugazi fansite that included a live recording archive. I think he stopped doing it when the official archive was established.

A lot, if not all, was downloadable back then but as it was in time of 56k connections I ordered the CD-version. This was even pre-Euro: I remember he asked for seven or eight German Mark and felt somewhat embarassed when I sent him a 10 Mark bill.

Of all mp3-material this is the stuff I listened and enjoyed the most. Having such an amount of recordings in digital format was quite special back then when downloading a single 128kps song took like 10 minutes.

Hirsinger Youth said...

End of December 2001 :)

gerhardj said...

Awesome! I had a copy of this too! Maybe I sent some cash from the U.S. to Belgium for it? I don't quite remember.

Like you say, years afterwards I tried to copy those mp3s onto computer and the CD-Rs were too decayed to copy. Cheap CD-Rs but great music! I was at some of these shows, too.