Sunday, April 13, 2008

DON MARTIN 3 - self titled (7") Oberon Records #?? 199?

Okay here it is: the fucking essence with only 300 copies in existence.

I am not sure if Oberon was the band's own label - I do not know any other releases by this "label" - and when it was recorded/ released. There are no detailed informations provided here - all Don Martin Three records have that in common.

This 7" must be one of my most played ones concerning the 90ies emo thing (together with Inkwell maybe) - I have an additional copy up for trade.

I am not writing that much today (I haven't the last few weeks), just let those nine and a half minutes of delightful cliché speak to you.

DON MARTIN THREE - self titled (7") Oberon Records #?? 199?

side a:
1. katahdn

side b:
1. inefficient engine
[OGG Vorbis; 256 K; password: antithesis; mirror 1, mirror 2]

I recently saw that the scans of the 12" and 7" compilation were taken for the myspace tribute page of Don Martin Three - at least: ask nicely.

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Hirsinger Youth said...

for those who came to late: all records at sendspace

Anonymous said...

the comp. link doesnt work... can you fix that please??

Hirsinger Youth said...

oh sorry, that was the delete link. here is the right one:

Christer said...

Do you still have that trade-list ? I'd really like that Don Martin Three 7", it sounds amazing!