Sunday, February 15, 2009

Those Who Fear Tomorrow MP3 Blog

"bring honour or walk away RJC - BTBC - CTYC"

(Abhinanda in the 90ies by Henrik)

My buddy Henrik from Sweden started a blog concentrating on the 90ies and some 80ies classic mainly concerning Beatdown and vegan drugfree music. He posted some real burners until now - some stuff we traded a while ago, but were told by other traders to not share it on the internet, but that was quite some time in the past; I think the good old tape trading and even CD-R days are gone forever. So check it out and download all the stuff I needed nearly ten years to get by tapetrading - the world is fucked! Things like the Birthrigt demo, Everlast demo, Flame of God demo, two of the three Contempt demos etc.:

Those who fear tomorrow!

I will also use the opportunity or let's say as trigger for posting stuff I held back for some years now.


veterano said...

Hey duddy
hows life!?? ha ha yeah tapetrading back in the days were the good times, but sure times are different now. Hope its cool with you to upload some of the stuff you gave me. I really truly think people should get a chance to hear these things, real collectors of tapes, can ofcourse still if they wish, pay the 50 - 100$ for a cassette. By the way I have a real nice threat for you comming in very soon. SETUP "straight out of Chula Vista" demo. Anyway hit me back

Anonymous said...

Hi.Jimmy from theHCPDTArchivesblog and i posted an answer about the Rawness's cover and in case you're interested i just posted the Blighted Area's demo(it was the band they played with before Rawness).Will link your blodg to mine tomorrow cause i am feeling so tired right now think gonna make a dream soon...Cheers

ruined my day said...

bro please see the link, BOUND plese!

BOUND (MA) - self titled (7") Stolnacke #01 1994