Tuesday, January 30, 2007

C.C.M. - into the void (lp)

Sorry, about the flashlight but I was too lazy for scanning.

Since I got quite a few e-mails concerning the Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers tape (dudes and dudettes: post comments!) and also requests for the lp: here it is.
A bit less hasty than their early stuff but the most well written songs. Complex arrangements, sudden breakdowns and the complete song takes a total different direction, crazy guitar shit, very precise drumming and of course this scratchy, agonized voice. All recorded in just 41 hours on their US tour. This is my first listening pleasure after nearly 6 maybe 7 years (me = again stupid), how could I forget? "Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry" which features backing vocals by Paul of Zero Boys alone makes this worth buying. After listening to it for the third time now, I have to admit that this is as great as the first Die Kreuzen lp, even has a slight touch therefrom. Mixing and throwing in blues & rock parts and some Birthday Party or even Wall Of Voodoo makes this a fascinating record all completed by those angry and cynical lyrics. Someone wrote at 7inchpunk that Alternative Tentacles said that they would do a discography immediately if they could get in touch with the original band members, so maybe someone reading this can help them out.

C.C.M. - into the void (LP) Belfagor Records #07 1986

Side a:
1. Feel Like
2. Enemy
3. Sterilized
4. Sorry
5. R.M.

Side b:
1. Daymare
2. Romeo & Juliet
3. Strange Pain
4. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
5. Into The Void

(OGG Vorbis, 224 k, password: antithesis)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

i'm having trouble with the file format. maybe i'm dumb, i've never seen a ".ogg" file. is there a way to transfer them to some other, more standard file, or something?

faded58 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hirsinger Youth said...

What I always loved about punk rock was besides the communication was doing stuff on your own including getting informations. A modern day punk rocker for example would use a search engine called Google concerning the OGG format. Which has a better sound than mp3s at the same size but without all the digital rights bullshit of a mp3 because it' s open source.


Today nearly all players play OGG files; for iTunes you have to add an OGG add-on:


There are even hardware players that play OGG files now...

What would Kant have done?

P.S.: I tried to keep it less nerdy. By the way: no offense!

Anonymous said...

the kantian phenomenalist idealism is mystified anyway, and most punk rockers i know would ask other punk rockers who might know something about it before accessing a corporate monster to find out the information. none taken.

Anonymous said...

Play "Crushed by the Wheels of Industry" very load!

"Factories don't burn by themselves, they just need that helping hand."

Hirsinger Youth said...

I just need to rip this again... quality is shitty... Next week I have a new Creative Audigy then everything' s gonna change. Fuck onboard sound!