Sunday, January 21, 2007

REGRET shirts & video

Regret was a short lived - they existed from autumn 1998 to the beginning of 2000 - band from Southern Germany and combined the typical youth crew hardcore with faster parts - think of Stikky oder Infest. Their lyrics disagreed with most things happening within the "scene" (homophobia, macho jock thing, just another part of the culture industry etc.) and were compared to those by Go! or MK Ultra. Speaking of Go!: Regret rehearsed rarely but accepted all offers to play live. Including funny moments in noble discotheques or even in the deer park at a local fair featuring shooting matches (!!!) - just think of the audience at such a location and band members throwing stuff at them while playing. The band released several tapes and a one sided 12" on Our World Records. Their bass player is now in Nme.Mine, the drummer and the guitar player are in Come Closer.

Those Infest rip off shirts were printed by Our World Records in small quantity and were sold at a one-time reunion show.

Here is a video from this show, which is also on the third part of the Our World videomagazine dvd. The first part after the Earth Crisis intro says: "Bring me the head of Tony Victory".

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