Sunday, January 21, 2007

MASSKONTROLL European tour shirt

The front print is from their lp "will you ever learn?" and I will upload it some day or the cd version, because I am quite lazy at the moment.

Masskontroll were one of the few bands that kept crust interesting for me. Their "warpath" e.p. is just great, nothing new but prefectly played with all those cliche parts you want to have while listening to a crust record. Like most fulllength records in this genre their lp (produced by Pig Champion) lacked power and variety, but what do you expect from songs that are plain copies of two or three bands who wrote nearly the same stuff (including the lyrics and the layout) 10 years earlier? It is the conscious blindness (or better: deafness) of being a fan that keeps me buying such records .

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