Saturday, February 24, 2007

ASSÜCK shirt

Original Assück shirt; there are probably hundreds of bootleggs floating around.
One of the best bands in the world for me. At least for this one record and the early singles. There were some horrible - punk typical witchhunt? - stories about them and ABC Diabolo on their European tour with infamous Daryl Kahan (known from Born Against, Citizens Arrest and Taste Of Fear) on vocals. Honestly: I couldn' t care less.

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Flobreaker said...

Meines Wissens war die ASSÜCK/ABC DIABOLO Tour deswegen problematisch, weil ABC DIABOLO auf ihrer gerade erschienenen "Last intoxication of senses" LP ein verfremdetes Fellatio-Motiv abgebildet hatten, das an einigen Konzertorten auf Ablehnung stiess bzw. zu Konzertverboten führte (die dann aber wieder aufgehoben wurden, nachdem die Band sich den Diskussionen gestellt hatte).

Inwieweit sich ASSÜCK daneben benommen haben, weiss ich nicht.

Anonymous said...

Yes some ultra pc show promoters had to have an hour long discussion on if they should let Abc Diabolo play the show or not. This was due to the "sexist?" cover art on "Last Intoxication..lp..Overall this tour was a great time. Am I that infamous?


Hirsinger Youth said...

Hi Daryl,

yeah of course "infamous"; at least I heard it from someone whoes sister is known to a friend of mine and he has been told from someone else that this is true. Just kidding.

I think people regard you as a legend but that won' t pay your rent in the end.


Anonymous said...

Hello H youth -
Thank you for your words. Touring with Assuck was a great experience as they were an excellent band and cool guys. Abc Diabolo were also great people /band. Besides this one debate over their album art being "sexist" the entire tour was without incident. Legend? I am honored. We were just kids having fun playing and living hardcore. Ah the good ole days.

Take care


LarmHardcore13 said...

I wrote fanzine at this time and watched as band members of Assuck were in the "red light" district of Amsterdam and partook in prostitution there. I also was told of other sexual escapades besides album artwork, that were unsavory. This in Amsterdam I had seen though. Great show though!