Sunday, January 21, 2007

OUR WORLD Records shirts & longsleeve

Here are some shirts by the very small southern German label Our World Records.

The first one is making fun of one of the most popular slogans in hardcore "drug free youth", since a drug free lifestyle mostly ends with high school or the early 20ies and the former preachers became what they once despised. A quite normal thing if those jumping jacks wouldn' t give others a hard time in the years of x-ing up. Beside confronting lust the whole straight edge thing is mostly the production of masculinity so when starting drinking or doing drugs it' s mostly for the same reasons those dudes got into straight edge and not some elders who for example know the true promise of red whine (by the way: all the drug free adults I know are real laid-back persons).

The second one is referenceing to the the almighty Heresy on the back. I did not take out their records for a long time but I did it after taking those pictures and I have to say I still like their lyrics although they may sound naive nowadays.

The third one is the most popular Our World Records motive and also printed in larger quantities than the others.

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