Saturday, January 20, 2007

POLICY OF 3 shirt

This is a Policy Of 3 Shirt which was sold on their European tour - that was in 1995 as far as my rusty brain can remember. They were one of the more well known bands of the early 90ies emo hardcore wave but I loved them for playing a more Washington D.C. orientated sound and also not being that preachy - which was very, very popular back then. I haven' t listened to their records for like more than 5 years now, recently heard the Deepwater LP which featured Policy Of 3' singer. I am not quite sure if the still can spark off something in me - if they' ll do I let you know.

Update: okay, I found out that I sold their LP years ago and just have the 7" on Bloodlink left. Hahahaha... okay, worser things could happen to me... hahahaha.

Policy Of 3' s members went on to play in 400 Years and even R.A.M.B.O.

Related to Policy Of Three I am still looking for two records: The Spirit Of Solitude compilation 7" and the Superpowers tape (a dub would be just fine)! If you can help me out with them, just send me an e-mail! THANKS!

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