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GO! - a remembrance - live in Homburg live in Homburg AJZ 29.6.1991(Tape)

This is really a quite fine remembrance: Go! live on their European tour.
I wish Mike Bullshit would talk less between the songs because the whole show lacks a bit power due to this. But yeah: the communication with the audience thing was big in the early nineties. I still prefer Mike' s version to all those preaching political hardcore bands of that time. Speaking of preaching: Go! were fun, they were a funny band in a very positive way and at the same time they were dead serious about queer topics, scene bullshit etc.. Just think of the stuff that came out of N.Y. the late 80ies/early 90ies and then there is this straight edge hardcore type of band that partly plays this music but lyrically really took another direction. In my opinion bands like Los Crudos, Limp Wrist or Gayrilla Biscuits would have never seen the light of day without Go!.

Go! are back together again, they played some shows (I heard a radio recording and it sounded powerful for such old lads) and released a 7". All their other stuff pops up very often, you can get the 7"'s or the "total" compilation lp on First Strike quite cheap; their lp/cd on Epistrophy which is almost a discography is still available from mailorders worldwide or directly from Epistrophy.

All - like Nations On Fire did - now: Thanks Mike!

GO! - a remembrance... live in Homburg AJZ 29.6.1991 (Tape) Unique Tapes #01

Side a:

1. Hard as
2. King of Nothing
3. People
4. Survival
5. It's Up To You
6. Mom
7. Take Root
8. Section 28
9. Our Scene
10. The Word
11. Why Suffer?
12. Long Hot Summer
13. Holy Roller
14. Burn-out
15. Kept
16. Decide
17. Just Another Word
18. You Say You' ll
19. Milk
20. On The Need To...
21. Homburg
22. Me vs. You
23. A Day To Fight For

Side b:

1. Fear Of A Gay Planet
2. Electricity (O.M.D.)
3. What' s Your Price
4. The A-Train
5. Minor Threat (MINOR THREAT)
6. Left
7. Just Say GO!
8. Victim Of Civilization
9. Betrayed By Flesh
10. Julian
11. Escape From NY
12. Giat Training Camp
13. Sick People (BREAKDOWN)
14. Friends Like You (SICK OF IT ALL)
15. Gyroscope (SFA)

(OGG Vorbis, 224 K, password: antithesis)


Go! @ Myspace

"Eat shit dreadlocked motherfucker"

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