Thursday, January 25, 2007

CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS - Right to be Italian - demo '83 & last gig '87 (Tape)

It' s a pity that you only find few informations about one of the best Italian bands of the 8oies. I mean for example there is the Kill From The Heart entry or even a Myspace "fan"page but with nothing on it; just some covers, pictures from the records and a discography (can anyone tell me why no one is willing to do a discography cd by C.C.M.?). And bloody hell: there is no single Google hit concerning their demo tape "we' re the juvenile delinquency"?

After I saw the first 7", the split tape and the second 7" quite a few times on all this downloading/mp3mos blogs I thought it might be nice to add this one. I will also do the lp soon since I have not seen it on all those blogs - if so: please tell me.

C.C.M. were my first real contact with Italian hardcore from the 80ies and they just blew me away (me being an idiot: I ignored all the other great bands for a long time despite many recommendations by friends). Some guys who took the name of that Dead Boys guy and just added "motherfuckers" can' t go wrong. What ever they had on their mind or in their bodies while choosing it: it' s one of the greatest band names ever!
Musically in my opinion they were to Italy what were +Void+ and Septic Death to the U.S.. And if +Void+ wouldn' t had started playing bad hard rock their unreleased lp should have sounded like C.C.M.

Back to the tape: it is listed as bootleg in some lists but I do not think so, my Italian is very bad but as far as I can get it from the liner notes Robert & Giulio (thanks for putting out that tape back then) used the original master tape for this compilation. If someone can translate or tell me exactly about the liner notes: just post it as reply here (PLEASE!). Anyway here you get the last gig in 1987 and the demo tape "we' re the juvenile delinquency" from 1983. Most songs of the demo are - of course in better versions - on the single, the split tape and the compilations ("single ticket to paradise" etc.), here they sound way more punk rock rooted.

C.C.M. - Right to be Italian - demo ' 83 & last gig '87 (Tape) E.U. '91/ Glued Stamps Records #13 & Provinciattiva #05 1995

Side A:

- live in Bologna, Italy, 20th june 1987
1. Intro
2. Feel like
3. Bendix power
4. Into the void
5. Enemy in my head
6. Sterilized
7. Sorry/ R.M.
8. Strange pain
9. Camp Darby Blues

Side B:

- "We' re the juvenile delinquency" demo tape 1983
1. Barbed wire world
2. We' re the juvenile delinquency
3. Best party ever - No bore
4. Nation on fire
5. Camp Darby Blues
6. Addiction
7. Right to be Italian
8. Foe or friend
9. 400 fascists
10. ......
11. Alkool
- live in Bologna, Italy, 20th june 1987
12. Brand new one n°2
13. Naymiorenggekkio

(OGG vorbis, 224 K, password: antithesis).

The download also includes the whole scan of the cover.

Someone told me that C.C.M. had another demo tape in 1983 with nearly 15 songs, so if anyone can give some informations: drop me a line. Same goes for an original cover of this demo! Thanks.

By the way: here are some snippets from 3 old Italian video compilations including C.C.M. live in 1983 and 1986 (there are also snippets from Rawpower, Negazione, Wretched, Kina etc.). If someone can do digital versions of those videos: you' d be my hero.

Update: I was told that this Tape is still available from E.U. 91 (same goes for the Negazione live tape I wanted to post in the future)! I also found this review on their homepage:

"Another strike for the invincible E.U.'91 + Provinciattiva team. Roberto's ability was to find telephone numbers of original band members and be so friendly + persuasive to always get to the point (licence to put out official releases). With CCM this worked out contacting the former guitarist Antonio who quickly agreed about doing this diy tape + sending the original masters and a brief commentary. This C-60 features the band's Demo '83 (according to me one of their best things ever) and a brilliant soundboard recording of their very last show. Unbelieably sick and direct Granducato HC with one of the most deranged vocals ever. I always loved them to death, too bad none of their records has been reissued yet. Tons of copies sold/traded, with no doubt over 1000."


Furious Party 7" @ Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times
Myspace page
Kill From The Heart entry
Informations about the split


Erich said...

yo brother mosh. link doch noch zur 2ten 7" chez moi. heute noch folgt die split lp - start your windmills!!

Hirsinger Youth said...

Yo, Beatdownpit ich komme!

Hast Du das Cover/Inlet von der Tapeversion der Split?

Ich glaube, Dein Blog braucht kein Linkilinkifickificki, aber mache ich natürlich gerne.

Anonymous said...

"can anyone tell me why no one is willing to do a discography cd by C.C.M.?"
Right, that's unbelievable. I've heard something about some CCM ex member/s not willing to.

"Someone told me that C.C.M. had another demo tape in 1983 with nearly 15 songs, so if anyone can give some informations: drop me a line."
I've been researching CCM's discography for quite a long time and I haven't heard about that. My suggestion is, it could be the CCM side on the Permanent Scar tape, which was recorded ca. May 1983. It has 20 songs but some of them appear coupled in the tracklist so that it lists only 16 tracks.
And then there's the 'Last white Christmas' tape (US, BCT, 1984), recorded 4/12/83, it includes a killer CCM set.
Now that I'm thinking, I remember having read about another tape called "Right to be Italian" from ca. 1983. Anyway, my guess is that it should be the same that you posted here. My Vernunftschluss is, the P. Scar stuff is obviously made after these demos, but it was recorded in spring, therefore it's pretty unwahrscheinlich that they had released so many demos in the first half of the year. That's my guess, anyway.
Thanks for the post


Hirsinger Youth said...

"Right, that's unbelievable. I've heard something about some CCM ex member/s not willing to."

That' s a tough one... I mean if there should be a discography CD than definitely C.C.M.!!! Since one of the band members even gave the original tapes for this cassette release why should they deny a fine compact disc? I mean even This Heat got their lazy asses together to do so... hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

"If someone can translate or tell me exactly about the liner notes: just post it as reply here..."
Hi again, finally I managed to download this... Thanks a lot sir.
Well, my Italian isn't perfect, but as I see that nobody else is doing the job, here's a (pretty approximate, hopefully) translation of the notes you mentioned :
"When Roberto asked for my permission to reissue one of the old CCM tapes, I found myself embarassed. First, because I didn’t consider that fair, second, because I don’t have the power to decide for 5 people. But then I got convinced of the contrary. I’ve
found out that some of our recordings were being sold at absurd prices -is it necessary
to talk about the sound quality?- and a lot of people were buying them! Second, I’ve been thinking again that, when we were still playing around, we NEVER said no to
whoever asked for some tracks for compilations, so that the production remained at an amateur level and out from the music biz. Like this time, by the way. This tape, for which you shouldn’t pay IN ANY CASE more that 3000L, contains a part of the original master that was the first CCM demo: “We’re the juvenile delinquency”. It was recorded in the Wardogs’ rehearsal place, with a simple taperecorder. However, the quality is not that bad. The line-up was: SYD MIGX - voice, DOME - guitar,
ALEX - drums, ANTONIO - bass. I haven’t a clue on what year was it released, except that it’s previous to “Furious party” EP. The other side contains instead the only authorised version of our last gig, in Bologna. We particularly (remember?), because the last song of the eve was one of our ever best tracks, and I think it reflects
comletely the feeling of the band at the time (at least mine). Here the line-up was instead the next one: SUD MIGX - voice, SANDRO - bass, ALEX - drums, ANTONIO- guitar. Whoever doesn’t agree with what I’ve written, let it be known that I’ve made it bona fide and as a remembrance of the positive attitude that always accompanied us. This tape is dedicated to “Mast High” Henry and to the other lifes
that will come.
Pisa, June 1995."

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
You could reach the drummer of CCM via this email : and Favilli via the website of his record label called
Hope it help for a big disco on AT ?!
Bye bye and we all go into the void...

mutante said...

hi mate.
i am very very very interested on getting this cassette of CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS, i am a very big fan of the band since in 1984 or so we got the SENZA TREGUA tape. I already have a tape with the demo, but not the live stuff. I like this band a lot, and i am looking forward to get this tape.
please, could you be so kind to re-post the file?
thanx a lot in advance.
pd: my email adress is in case you could tell me if you can post it again.
thanx a lot again. cheers.

Smthng2Do said...

I don't know if I am losin' my mind or something, but I can't figure out how to download this... . Can someone explain?

mbentham72 said...

loved this band since early 80's but just found out their name the other day...over 20 yrs of mystery listening! really interested in obtaining/paying for their music but not so interested in paying exorbitantly to some non-fan leach. any assistance would be in advance