Wednesday, May 16, 2007

V/A - Horizon Records Hardcore Compilation (7") Horizon Records #01 1991

After listening to Drift Again I though that this might fit in here, even though it's a fair compilation (it achieves high prices now at, but that's Ebay). The early Lifetime track is a new recorded version of a song from their demo tape and it's also featured on their first full length "background" on New Age Records; still has some straight edge hardcore feeling in it compared to the Sticks And Stones influenced sound they did later. The Ressurection song is also released otherwise; it's a pity that their stuff had such a shitty production, the album is great but really lacks power, but I loved it anyway: Rob Fish's straight edge lyrics in combination with the dodgy chugga chugga sound. The Flagman (members of Crud Is A Cult, Mouthpiece and later Ink & Dagger) track - otherwise unreleased I think - is a bit more boy scout hardcore styled than their later great stuff, sounds like Turning Point etc. I mainly kept this one due to Encounter (a favourite band of mine). A friend wants to put out a Encounter discography for years now, including the unreleased EP and the demo etc., but I think it will never see the light of day, since Redemption Records wants to do a compilation CD with their early 7"s etc.

V/A - Horizon Records Hardcore Compilation (7") Horizon Records #01 1991

side a:
1. solitude
2. tomorrow

side b:
1. melting awy
2. alive
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


m. said...

was gefällt dir denn an resurrections sound nicht? finde den großartig. und mit chugga chugga hat das gar nichts zu tun...

what about resurrection's production being shitty? i thought it was great & complimented their music perfectly (which for me had nothing to do with "chugga chugga"). oi.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Album ist hallig und flach ohne Ende. Würde mit den Produktionen, die 108 dann hatten um einiges mehr BATSCHEN.