Monday, May 21, 2007

VA - degress of... malice (7'') Stationeight Records #02 1995

I thought about posting all Rye Coalition stuff that is not available anymore (or not that easy available; some other stuff - split 7", demo (an earlier rip is already floating around at Soulseek) etc. - will follow) starting with this compilation on Stationeight Records, featuring them, Impetus Inter, Animal Farm and As Good As Dead. Here is an interview with Rye Coalition in which Dave mentions the 7" (but forgot its name and the other bands on it). Animal Farm was a typical compilation band back then, nothing exciting... a bit like hectic Black Flag, Econochrist etc.. I remember As Good As Dead being better on their regular records, for example the split 7" with Armatron (featuring As Good As Dead members and had a record on GSL) is quite nice. Impetus Inter's track is one of the last they recorded before they changed their name to L Vado (and Lux Vanitas; I will buy their 7" next week and tell you about it); nothing new but quite solid in the vein of their previous stuff.
Rye Coalition are definitely the winner here.

VA - degress of... malice (7'') Stationeight Records #02 1995

side a:
Rye Coalition
1. ceremony for a fat lip
Animal Farm
2. another day

side b:
Impetus Inter
1. don't care much about places
As Good As Dead
2. shackled
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]


Kevin said...

Wow, this is something that I didn't have! Very cool. Oh, if you're interested, I posted a Lux Vanitas track a while back on my site:

youngbroose said...

Can you re-up? I'd love to hear the hard to find Rye Coalition stuff. Been looking for a while for the split with VSS and the SUBPOP 7" (Got This Thing On The Move b/w Whole Lotta Rosie), too.