Thursday, May 31, 2007

DISFLEISH - hear nothing see nothing say nothing new (7'') Roedel Records #13 circa 1997


(misprinted cover)

A few days ago someone demanded a band that takes crust punk for a ride by using its sound, aesthetics and lyrics and then unmasking the merciless boredom of crust as known it today. Disfleisch - who said Swabians couldn't be funny - is the only band that comes to my mind who ever tried to do so! Their only 7" was released on the beautiful Rödel Records label featuring three cover songs - partly with different lyrics - of the nordic Dis-clones Dischange & Dissober and three tracks on their own. All the lyrics attack hang-up attitudes within crust etc.: outlook, lyrics, stealing riffs, unimaginative band names...

Although being a huge fan of the sound and many bands (old and new), I consider crust one of the most redundant styles ever followed by zombies with fascist dress codes (Did you ever wonder why crusties haven't got tools in their tool belt?).

It's 2007 not 1982!

Review from an old Profane Existence fanzine:

"DISFLEISCH Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing New 7"
I'm aware that I'm probably the only one at PE that holds this view, but as far as I'm concerned it would be best to dig a big hole and throw about 98% of all the Dis-bands in it. Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased that others in the DIY scene are beginning to hold similar views. While Active Minds set the standard with their recent Dis is getting Pathetic 7", this new German bands have made it their goal to give a good kick in the nuts to the international Dis conspiracy. Features hilarious lyrics lampooning the mindless sloganeering and meaningless pose that goes with doing a Dis band in the 90ies. Songs like Disease of Punk, War is Unsightly, God Bless Dis Way really bring the message home. My favorite line is: Rob Discharge of some riffs, play them a bit faster - It's gonna be a hit! The real surprise is that all of this is carried by some pretty damn powerful Hardcore Punk, certainly better than most of these Dis clowns out there, played very tight and in-your-face. (Y@hoo)
Rödel Rec / Keule Sternkicker / Allmendeweg 89 / 13509 Berlin / Germany"

DISFLEISH - hear nothing see nothing say nothing new (7'') Roedel Records #13 circa 1997

side a:
1. god bless dis way
2. punk's not dead yet (agony lasts)
3. going under
4. dis-dur

side b:
1. after-beer farts
2. war is unsightly
3. disease of punk
4. dis-moll
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis]

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