Saturday, May 05, 2007

SURFACE - "d.e.a.d." shirt

(front print)

(back print)

Original Surface shirt mainly sold on their M.A.D. X-mas tour together with Disrespect, Deviate and Backfire! (the best and worst of euro metal core on one evening). Ringer shirts were quite famous back then, or?
They were a good live band and while their first 7" on March Through was quite Unbroken-ish, their albums on Mad Mob were very much H8000 and Morning Again like, but could never capture their live qualities. Their singer had one of the best quiffs1 ever and I think was also in a Krishnacore project called Dharma.

Members of Surface were in Drift, Deadsoil and Copykill later (still are).

1 part of a Ruhrpott uniform back then.

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