Wednesday, May 09, 2007

INDIAN SUMMER - discography (LP) Adagio 830 #20 2006

Okay, kids: the crazy Ebay shopping can stop now. You can get the vinyl version of the Indian Summer discography now from Robert and Stefan from Bis Aufs Messer! It has a nice foldout cover a bit like the Comadre LP rerelease Robert did before and comes with three inlets and a little poster. And all songs have been remastered.

It looks like this:


xyosefx said...

I don't see any contact info on your page, but I wnated to let you know that I have an Ecorage live set, the 1st Abnegation demo (w/ inlay), the Born Against demo & other stuff you might be interested in. I can try to scan some things & send you mp3s of the others if you're interested. Find me at or e-mail me at xveganx[[at]]dod[[dot]]net.

Also, more posts of 90s vegan sXe/hardline music, shirts, &c.!!!!


Hirsinger Youth said...

E-mail adress is on the left hand side of the blog - main frame.

The Ecorage live set in Höfingen at the festival that is floating around was ripped by me; I just need other shows, rehearsals or Vegan Militia and the band after Ecorage things. I will post the Ecorage demo tape, longsleeve and flight jacket (bomber pilot jacket soon).

Born Against cover xerox copy and Abnegation xerox copy would be the best thing for the last 2 years I think!!!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say thank you for your effort,always very appreciated. Looking forward to your next posts