Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SPLIT LIP - "I seek life but cannot find it's face" shirt

(front print)

(back print)

I can remember the faces of the straight edge kids who were excited about Chamberlain on their European tour them being called Split Lip afore and the incontestable heroes of Doghouse records and even a whole new wave of bands: some guy with long hair and cowboy boots entered the stage. Me being toughened from the change in appearance of Uniform Choice or all New York straight edge heroes I wasn't bemused.

Back to Split Lip, who had really nice shirt designs back then. Here is one example, I sold another one in khaki which had the print above the tailbone (and I want it back!). Native speakers: isn't "it's" wrong? Wouldn't be so bad since I know people who have tattoos which say "straihgt edge" or for example "strenhgt", but it's funny.

I am still looking for both of their demo tapes!!! Maybe someone wants to contribute them to the blog (same goes for pictures of other shirt designs by Split Lip). And: I lost the booklet of the Split Lip digipack CD version of "Fate's got a driver"! If anyone will be so nice to do some scans for me I would post and uploading anything you demand from me! Thanks!

Funny side note: some Split Lip members filled in for impeded members of Hardball for their shows since Split Lip have been friends with them since the beginning. I think that was when Clearsight were still around?

Wikipedia entry
Split Lip's "For The Love of the Wounded" @ Doghouse


m. said...

den typen mit den tattoos kenne ich auch, haha.

alex said...

Indeed, "it's" is wrong. It should be the pronoun "its".

Florian XFairplayX said...

also mich störte damals live hauptsächlich, dass sie ihre songs viel zu langsam langsam, langsamer als auf den platten, und ohne jeden drive gespielt haben. und als in einer pause jemand "don't play too fast" in ironischem ton aus dem publikum rief, reagierten sie auch noch angepisst und meinten irgendwas in der art wie sehr ihnen solche "prolls" auf de nerven gehen wuerden oder sowas ähnliches ich weiss es nicht mehr genau ist ja nun auch schon fast fuenfzehn jahre her wer soll sich denn das alles merken. "Fate's Got A Driver" klang nach dem konzert jedenfalls nie wieder so gut wie vorher.