Sunday, May 06, 2007

DEEP WOUND - shirt

(front print)

Done by the label we love to hate in 1997, when they did a MCD version of the 7", demo and compilation tracks, all redone - remastered or computer compressor, I am not sure. This version was later on some of these cheezy compilation discs compiling other boots or not boots (?) . I am also disappointed by the recent discography LP which has no inlet/ lyric sheet etc. A cobbler should stick to his last anyway, so I pull out the 7" when I meet the need to listen to one of the best Boston hardcore records ever.
I've been told that all those shirts - Heresy, Siege, F.U.'s, Battery, Citizens Arrest, Warzone, Deep Wound, Straight Ahead, Void, Youth Of Today etc. - by this particular label achieve high prices at, which is funny since they had those as give-aways when ordering.

Deep Wound at KFTH
Deep Wound discography

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