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MOHINDER - 2nd (7") Gravity Records #13 1994

It's been a while again and I've gone through a lot of changes.

Here we go: I'll post the second Mohinder 7" and their split 7" - I was never into the first one. All the stuff was later compiled on a LP on GSL including a CD with live recordings (I am looking for this vinyl version, so help me out). If there was ever something you can call the Gravity sound Mohinder1 will be one hell of a definition. If you dig Honeywell, Angel Hair, Eurich and Han-Shan this is for you. Fast and hectic hardcore with screamed vocals and lyrics quite in the - what I call - Rainald Goetz emo vein. I am not sure, but most of the songs sound like being done in an old fashioned way: all instruments recorded together "live" and then the vocals later. When the songs have transitions it sounds like those two songs are even recorded in one take. This might lack some quality concerning the production but captures the energy better.

The covers for this 7" are all different since they were pictures or ads in fashion etc. magazines and thenscreenprinted. Some people list this single as "the mission" e.p. but it's just self titled - at least old Gravity flyers etc. tell so.

The members went on to play in Makara (I will post the 7"), Duster, Calm (together with Indian Summer members) and Jenny Piccolo.

I found this short description at

"1993. Cupertino, CA. Right in the heart of what was soon to become (for a time) the new economic heart of America, Silicon Valley, came a hair-raising, filling-rattling scream of rage. Hidden behind the pristine office parks and suburban strip malls, a seething force of paranoid aggression was brooding, and its name was Mohinder. For a little over a year, Mohinder captured the attention of the Bay Area's alienated hardcore underground, providing a Northern California counterpart to the burgeoning San Diego art-punk scene (Mohinder, like Heroin, Antioch Arrow, et al, was associated with the notorious Gravity Records) with their brief but absurdly powerful bursts of shambolic noise and instantly legendary live performances. By the end of 1994 Mohinder was only a memory, the brevity of the band's existence a testament to its unsustainably fierce, almost superhuman energy.

Mohinder's four members went on to form a number of noteworthy new bands, including Jenny Piccolo, The Anasazi, Calm, Duster, Valium Aggelian, Haelah, and A-Set. GSL's Discography collects Mohinder's complete musical output -- the two EPs they put out on their own Unleaded imprint, their one Gravity EP, and live performances recordeed at the Gilman in Berkeley and on KZSU Stanford radio."

MOHINDER - 2nd (7") Gravity Records #13 1994

side a:
1. the mission
2. alien
3. division
4. acceptane

side b:
1. the static cult
2. beautiful
3. one warrior
4. expiration
[OGG Vorbis, maximum quality, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2)

This 7" at Flex!

1 not to be confused with the crazy guy at Heroes.

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