Monday, November 17, 2008

DISMAY - self titled (7") M13 #02 & TPOS 1995 (& compilation track)

This 7" came out before their fulllength and featured - again - three songs which are released on the demo tape and cd ("untitled") and the cd ("death of a planet" and "uncivilization"), so it makes no sense if you own the cd. But I wouldn't be a record collector if... guess what. This record was distributed by the famous TPOS label/ record store (you will know the label if you know GG Allin, Violent Children (pre-Youth Of Today), Charles Manson, Reflex From Pain, 76% Uncertain, Far Cry (pre-Battery), Antiseen or Agathocles). The label also did some crazy stuff like 8-track cartridges (I'd like to hear those stuff from Violent Children, GG Allin and Charles Manson - please help out!) or those famous 80ies tape compilations ("war between the states" etc.)

Although the pressing quality is shitty I am quite angry that all the other stuff wasn't released on vinyl: it just gives Dismay's music the right power due to the sound.

Yes, the cover is cheesy.

DISMAY - self titled (7") M13 #02 & TPOS 1995

side a:
1. untitled

side b:
2. death of a planet
3. uncivilization
[OGG Vorbis, maximum quality, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

Since Dismay had only a few songs some of them made their way onto compilations. Two of them are Endless Fight's "over the edge vol.2" which I sadly do not own and this compilation (which I bought for other reasons back then: Jasta 14, Blood Runs Black, Botch, Asphalt and Dissolve):

V/A -Psycho Civilized (CD) Elevator Music #09 1995
8. In Doubt (Of The Absolute Truth)
[password: antithesis]

And a friend of mine mailed me the demo tape version, that was posted on Middle Aged Youth. Thanks!

DISMAY - demo 1994 (Tape)
1. nowhere
2. in doubt
3. madness
4. another day in the life
[password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

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