Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DISFEAR - self titled (7") Finn Records & Rødel Records #17 1998

Sorry, for this nonsense posting. This is the rerelease by Rødel Records - supposed to be a bootleg, but I don't think so. Maybe just some misunderstandings, lack of communication and crustpunk paranoia. The repress must have been done in the same pressing plant: the etchings are the same like from the No Records release just adding the Rødel catalogue number. I just know that Finn took over No Records after only a few releases. The main reason for posting this is that my copy of the rerelease is just better sounding - no surface noise etc.

Rødel Records is one of the most likeable labels in this whole grind, crust and hardcore universe: still no homepage, no myspace page and I can remember him writing down his e-mail address on paper flyers by hand. You won't sell that many records in this way like others do, but you also won't have to deal with a lot of shit that comes with the www.

DISFEAR - self titled (7") Finn Records & Rødel Records #17 1998

side a:
1. religion
2. min elegi
3. undergang

side b:
1. vietnam idag
2. det sista kriget (Svart Parad)
[OGG Vorbis, maximum quality, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]


chrisapproach said...

moin martha,

habe das jetzt so verstanden,daß du die burst of silence lp suchst.
wenn ja zieh sie dir bei uns.


chrisapproach said...
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chrisapproach said...

wenns dir um das tape an sich geht kann ich dir auch nicht weiterhelfen...


xhuguinx said...

hey, great stuff from disfear! thank you so much. mmm, i was looking around this blog and I found you posted sometime ago the reconstruction compilation, excursion records comp. and god's chosen people you should re upload them they're tru classics! thank you!

Toxik Boys said...

cool post!