Monday, January 02, 2017

GAZZAN - Extinction (Tape) self released 2016

To little Clevo content here anyway: since the US postage prices are killing it at the moment (and then even DIY labels make their customers paying through the nose1), I have to go digital sometimes now.
Gazzan features the Melnicks, Blaze and even Rob Orr and their demo includes all Clevo parts you expect adding a modern progressive metal touch you usually expect from Relapse Records and the like. Sometimes I need to get used to the vocals, but overall it's great. I am falling for those guitar solos until the end of days!

Interview done by Andrew Aversiononline

1 For example I ordered two seveninches and two tapes two months ago and paid nearly 17 $ for shipping, when the parcel arrived around 8,50$ were paid for shipping by the USPS

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