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BACK OF DAVE/ PROZAC MEMORY - split (LP) SubFusc Records #SFC-005 1995

Okay, my scanner is fucked up, there are serious scratches on the class and it's even smeared from inside (who or what is living inside a scanner?). I will fix that later by opening that thing, hope that will work out.

This 12" record is one of the many hidden gems of the early/ mid 90ies emo wave. I am not quite sure, but I think SubFusc had only little distribution (I know you can't image a pre-Bigcartel time), their "most well known" release must be the "How the Midwest Was Won..." compilation, which I will post too.  But still it seems that the record slipped the attention of many listeners.
Prozac Memory slowed down a bit compared to the 2nd 7" which still had some pop punk, Lookout, Jawbreaker etc. feeling to it; those five songs are somehow more rockish, better in musicanship. And again: there is this bass player I'd like to cuddle. The production really does him justice: dry and voluminous.
Back of Dave who even did a one time reunion show in 2003 already ogled with what many people might call the "Chicago sound" a bit and there is even a slight touch of Unbroken/San Diego in their sound (listen carefully to the guitars in the first song). The second song was also co-written by Dave Claibourn, Unbroken's singer.
Looking back the past 10 years many emo bands from that era got nicely done discograpy CDs or even double vinyl versions with with great efforts concerning layout, packaging etc., neither Back of Dave nor Prozac Memory haven't! Why is that?

BACK OF DAVE/ PROZAC MEMORY - split (LP) SubFusc Records #SFC-005 1995

side a:
Back Of Dave
1. quickie
2. automatic drip
3. rifle arm
4. plankton
5. digger

side b:
Prozac Memory
1. beneficiary
2. meniscus
3. drawn into
4. blind ascension
5. seven
[MP3, 320 kbps, mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3]

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