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NO ESCAPE - Just Accept It (CD) Lost And Found Records #276 1997

This is the Lost And Found version of No Escape's fulllength - compared to the original CD version which has the LP followed by the demo songs, this version just has all songs leaving the doublets. It was released when their singer Tim Singer (needs to have a new band!!!) already left Deadguy and joined Kiss It Goodbye - I hope the band received some bucks for this one.
Like many L & F releases it just sounds better then the original - remastered or using the newest computer compressors at that time most of the label's releases sound better than the originals or even newer or regular rereleases (I will post some examples in the future) - I wrote this a thousand times before. Recorded in 1993 for me this just blew away everything else what was known for noisy slowed down hardcore - okay not counting Rorschach etc.
Maybe the most distinctive part is still the lyrics: personal, prosaic, nihilistic and yes, sometimes drippy - but please consider the age of the band members. 2010 and I can still somehow relate to them - mission accomplished by the artist.
My favourite tracks are "Left Hanging" starting with a beautiful bass solo, followed by the dry toms and "No Question" (Quicksand, Helmet and Burn jamming together?).
Considering Singer's artwork for all his other bands I still don't get it why this release looks that shitty - in best Lost And Found manner. The booklet just looks just horrible and the tracklist on the tray says "Left Handing" instead of "Left Hanging" and "Falling" became "Failling" [sic!].

Name me another early 90ies hardcore band covering the Big Boys?!

"Don't leave me hanging don't say goodbye"

NO ESCAPE - Just Accept It (CD) Lost And Found Records #276 1997

1. Falling
2. Just Accept It
3. Bed of Nails
4. Left Hanging
5. No Question
6. Time Bomb
7. Downtime
8. Framework
9. Guilty
10. No (BIG BOYS)
11. Thread
12. Blind
13. Search
[MP3, 320k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

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Honquijote said...

- Thanks a lot for sharing this... =)

Anonymous said...

i love(d) no escape. they were proof that nj wasn't just home to smokestacks and cheese fries. love, cousin woo.